on the traces of Tatars
from Mongolia to Polonia
500 days horseback trip between Asia and Europe

like a small boat to cross a sea of grass

There was a dream: to cross Asia and Europe on horseback to build a bridge between two cultures with common language understood by the riders.
A Wish: to be closer to daily life of the outposts located in the distant steppe

inspired by the legend of polish Hejnal which tells that

“in 1241, in Cracow, a trumpeter has raised the alarm when the Tartars aproached the gates. An archer shot in the throat of the trumpeter. Tatars won but few days later they withdrew. Since that day the “Heinal” is played from the tower of Holy Mary “Mariacki” every hour and the trumpeter stops playing the hejnal when the original alarm  was interrupted.”

I will bring a Mongolian arrow with me to Cracow -and i will give it to the city-, in order to reconnect two cultures once divided.

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Bow factory


paola Who

My name is Paola Giacomini.
I was born in 1979, got degree in sciences and agrarian technology in 2005, working in the mountains during winter time , and guiding on horseback during summer time.
Since 2005 I have completed ten trips on horseback between 500 and 4500 kilometers.
Based on the materials from these two trips, I wrote two books: “Campo di Stelle”, self-published, and “Sentieri da lupi”, published by Blu Edizioni.




The horses who will cross the sea of grass with me will come from Asian steppes to make sure that they are familiar with the climate of the region.
During the trip from Mongolia to Polonia, there will be two horses carrying a breath of east wind trupped in their manes.

From the ancient capital of Mongolia -Harhorin-, to Cracow, -where the nomads have left western traces of their conquest- across Siberia, Kazakhstan and the lowlands of the great rivers of the European Russia.



There will be two horses in the trip:
– one for me;
– one to carry gear.



To ride eight hours daily.
Average: 25 kilometers per day.
Food supplies will be purchased in the villages or from the families met along the way in according with the itinerary.
Planning camping next to the horses, if season allows.

Out of 350 days of riding i will allocate 140 days for necessary breaks, such as technical and bureaucratic issues to cross the borders and to replace horseshoes, which can be a time consuming process.

Walls has collapsed, towns and villages vanished and it seemd that there is nothing left behind, but there is a way of life. I want to experience all this: to live like nomadic horseman, sharing their food and starry nights.
There is a way to do it: just to ride for months, the same way I did in the Alps and the Pyrenees in the last ten years.

Knowing that this adventure can be very demanding and challenging, i believe that it can be done by putting toghether the thousand years of experience of the mankind and modern technology.

In the depths of our planet there is a treasure that will save it: to be the one who walks choosing labels or to be the one who keeps pre-emption

On the way I will update the blog
to keep up to date who will be interested

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